BIG 2009 Thank you
** Emerald Isle Framing for storing art and promoting the art show **
** Jim Van Atta for donating the use of his building **
**Local businesses for displaying posters and/or using the recyclable advertising bags **
** All of the volunteers! **
** Off island artists - from Valdez, the Mat-Su Valley, and Portland, OR **


Jaqueline Madsen 2009

Dapper Duck

Antoinette Walker 2009

Burn Pile

Bob Happ 2009

I'm Feeling Frazzled

Bonnie Dillard 2009


G. Patterson 2009

Blue Fish

Kate Helligso 2009

Alaskan True Love: "Flowers and Crab"

Sara Sundsten 2009

Cherry Blossom

Liz Mitchell 2009

Jewel of the Sea

Rosemarie Grant 2009

Pink Salmon

Mary Jane Longrich 2009

Art is Not a Mirror...

Cece Harrington 2009

Kori's Kitchen

Mary Jane Longrich 2009

Healthy Greetings: "Hi"

Sharon Olivier Marchant 2009

Under The Sea With Me

Rosemarie Grant 2009

Red Fish

Kate Helligso 2009

Out On The Town

Becky Applebee 2009

Thin Blue Line

Bonnie Dillard 2009

Flower Power

Sue Baker 2009


Sienna Rodgers 2009

Mother Earth

Rosemarie Grant 2009

Alluring Necklace

Mary Jane Longrich 2009